Saiyidul Aayaad, Saiyide Eid-e-A’azwam, Saiyide ‘Eid-e-Akbar
The Sacred Eid-e-Meelaadun Nabi Swallallahu ‘Alaihi Wa Sallam - 1432 Hizri
Svedmyra, Stockholm, Sweden (11 February, 2011: Friday)

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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Hilal (Crescent moon) for " Mahe Rabi-ul-Auwaal Sharif - 1432 Hizri"

There was a possibility on Friday, 03 June 2011 to see the Crescent Moon (Hilal) from the Southern part of Sweden for starting the Arabic month of "Mahe Rajab Sharif - 1432 Hizri" which was known from different reliable International Moon Sighting websites and committees specially International Majlisu Ruiatil Hilal.

So, ANJUMANE AL BAIYINAAT, SWEDEN took proper steps for sighting the Crescent Moon for starting the Arabic month of "Mahe Rajab Sharif 1432 Hizri". Alhamdulillah! the member (Saiyid Muhammad Atiqur Rahman Rubel) of the Anjumane Al Baiyinaat, Sweden could sight the crescent moon individually by bare eyes very clearly this evening 03 June 2011 Friday from Flemingsberg, Stockholm, because the sky was superb.

So, According to the Fatwa as well as Sharia of Islam, ANJUMANE AL BAIYINAAT, SWEDEN on behalf of the Muslim Community of Sweden has announced that "The 1st day of Mahe Rajab Sahrif 1432 Hizri will be on Saturday, 04 June, 2011 in Sweden and the LAILATUL RWAGAYIB AND LAILATUL MIRAZ (27 Rajab) will be celebrated on Friday (Night of Thursday), 09 June, 2011 and Thursday (Night of Wednesday) 30 June, 2011 repectively Inshallah"

Please see the details report about the Crescent Moon for starting the "Mahe Rajab Sharif - 1432 Hizri":

Report for starting the Arabic Month: "Mahe Rajab Sharif -1432 Hizri"
Country: Sweden

Date of Sighting: 29 Mahe Jumadal Ukhraw, 1432 Hizri
03 June 2011
Day: Friday.

Sighting of the Crescent Moon: Was tried and could seen by bare eyes
Place of Sighting: Hälsovägen 20, 10th Floor; Flemingsberg Centrum Student Hostel, Stockholm, Sweden.
Time of Sighting: After Magrib Prayer (10:35 PM) from Flemingsbreg, Stockholm, Sunset was 10:02 PM
Date: 03 June 2011 Friday
Condition of the sky: Very Clear and Superb


1. Saiyid Muhammad Atiqur Rahman Rubel
(Hälsovägen 20, 10th Floor; Flemingsberg Centrum Student Hostel, Stockholm, Sweden- seen/sky was superb.)

2. Muhammad Shafiur Rahman
(Kista Galleria Student Hostel-10th Floor, Stockholm from 10:09 PM to 10:47 PM, but not seen/sky was clear).


"Anjuman" means "Majlis" or "Readers Forum". On the other hand The Monthly "Al Baiyinaat" is the most famous and popular islamic magazine published from Bangladesh. So, the "Anjuman-e Al Baiyinaat" means the readers forum of The Monthly "Al Baiyinaat".

Imamul Aiyimmah, Muhissunnah, Kutubul Alam, Gawsul A'zam, Habibe A'zam, Faruque A'zam, Muzaddide A'zam of the Present 15th Hizri Century Shah Sufi Shayikh Hazarat Murshid Qeebla (Mudda Zilluhul Ali), Rajarbag sharif, Dhaka, Bangladesh, is the founder and Director of The Monthly "Al Baiyinaat".


1. It is approved by thousands of Hadith sharif that taking photo (of living beings/animals) is haram (prohibitted). To term any 'Haram' as 'Halal' is 'Kufri' (committing kufri). If a Muslim terms any 'Haram' as 'Halal' then he will become 'Murtad' (Religious outcast).

2. We are Muslim, Mu'min, Mutta'qi. Being a Muslim, it is completely violation of Shariat to take name as "fundamentalist".

3. Those who deny the clear directions of Shariat are 'Kaafir' (non-believer) like 'Kadiani', that is, they are the new form of 'Kadiani'.

4. It is haram for women to perform salat in Jamat going to Jumuwa Masjid and Eid-gah (Place of saying salat of Eid).

5. The Weekly 2000 which compared 'Kabaa Sharif' with 'Dance House' still has not sought forgiveness. Its editor, publisher, writer are Murtad (Religious outcast). According to shariat, if a Murtad does not make 'Tawbah' within 3 days, his punishment is death penalty. The 'Ulamaye Soo' are playing role of silent devil on this issue.

6. Even the magazine named 'Kishor Kontho' of Jamat-Shibir have done mockery with the name of Huzur-i-Pak Sallallahu 'Alaihi wa Sallam. Until making public "Tawbah" they will be termed as Murtad. They have shown the Jews & Christians the way of disregarding Islam.

7. Matiur, The editor of 'Prothom-Alo' is firm on his activities of Murtad. These happenings are the test cases of Jews & Christians. Khatib Ubai of the Baitul Muqarram Masjid is not any authority of Islam rather he himself is a religion-monger, traitor & terrorist.

8. Ummul Mu'minin Hazrat Ayesha Siddiqa Rawdiallahu Ta'alaa 'anhu, in the ill efort to dishonour HER, the British introduced/enforced the law of disallowing/stopping child marriage.

9. It is Sunnat-e-Muakkadah to say 20 rakat of Salatul Tarabih. Khatam-e-Tarabih is not Sunnat-e-Muakkadah rather Sunnat-e-Kifaya.

10. According to the direction of Hadith Sharif, Saom (fasting) must be started by watching Moon and Eid must be celebrated by watching Moon. If the sky is cloudy and the Moon is not seen at the date of 29th, the 30th day of Ramadan Sharif needs to be fulfilled. It is Wajib-e-Kifaya to search for the Moon for starting of Ramadan Sharif.

11. Hujur-i-Pak Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam, repeated pictorial mockery related to HIM is the expression of permanent enmity of the Jews and Christians towards Islam. The Murtad Mawlanas who allows photo (of living beings) are solely responsible for this.

12. Allah Pak has not made Islam tough, the half doctors and half Mollas want to make Islam difficult/hard for people by directing of taking insulin while fasting.

13. 'Wasila' is a great media. The Wasila of all the Wasila's are Haqqani-Rwabbani Awlia-i-Kiram that is the Tariqat of Pir Murshid(The approach of spiritual teachers).

14. The diseased Soul 'Qualb' does not get purified without Jikr of Qualb.

15. The external Ibadat can not be granted (Makbul) unless establishment of the relation to the 'Qualb' of a Haqqani-Rwabbani Wali-Allah.

16. If any Salat performed by people numbering even one crore keeping a picture (of living beings/animals) in front of them, then all of their Salat will be Makruh(void). Everyone will have to redo the Salat.


1. Hadis Shareef advised us to fulfill the Arabic month within 29 or 30 days. Where as Saudi Government completed the month Jilhajj of 1428 Hijri within 31 days.

2. If the system of announcing the date of moonrise is not corrected, the Hajj will be invalid every year. Forcing the Saudi Government in announcing the correct date is the responsibility of Iman of the Muslims all over the world.

3. Every year, Hajj and Kurbani (Sacrifices) are being nullified due to the miscalculation of the lunar month without sighting the crescent. Every Muslim should protest strongly against the unjustified decision of the Saudi Government.

4. Allah Declares in the Quran Shareef that, Certainly ‘Nasi’ enhances kufri. Nasi is fixing the months ahead or back by timing. But Saudi government is deliberately shifting The beginning of the sacred months and This way, they are going to spoil the Sacred Hajj of this Hizri year of 1429 also! Counting dates without actually sighting the moon last time has caused the effect that even on the 30th day of the month of Jilquad, there is no possibility of viewing the moon for the month of Jilhajj. Starting from after the sunset of 9th Jilhajj and within the Subhi Sadiq (Dawn) of 10th Jilhajj, remaining present in the field of Arafat is one of the important Fard (must do rituals) of the Hajj. Therefore, being present in Arafat any day before or after 9th Jilhajj shall be of no use, rather breach of fard would result in the Hajj to be void. So, the Hajji(s) must take a special note of it and remain cautious before proceeding for Hajj. Therefore, it should be a very special responsibility, A Wajib for the Saudi Government To arrange for the Hajj on a correct day After physically sighting the moon.

5. Noor-i-Mujassam, Habeebullah, Huzur Pak Swallallahu 'Alaihi Wa Sallam mentioned in Hadis Shareef that,“Look for the crescent on its 29th day, If the sky is cloudy then complete the month in 30 days.” As it is forbidden to decide the Hajj time without physically sighting the moon in Saudi Arabia, similarly it is also forbidden to practice Ramadan, 'Eed and other Ibadat without viewing the crescent in respective areas. The maximum difference of time between to different places of the earth is 14 hours. So it is never possible to celebrate Ramadan or 'Eed on the same day all over the world. Those who advocate to perform 'Eed and Ramadan on a same day all over the world, they lack knowledge on Shariat and geographic understanding.

6. Hadis Shareef mentions that, “You start Ramadan by sighting the moon and celebrate Eid also by sighting the moon. If moon is not sighted, then do complete the month in thirty days.” This very instruction of Hadis Shareef only indicates that it is not possible to have Eid on the same day all over the world but rather to be done on two days. Those in favour of Eid on a same day, lack knowledge on Shariat and geographical understanding. They should enhance their wisdom by accepting the guidance (Baiyaat) of a truly devoted Wali-Allah (friend of Allah) and through intense Dhikr and commitments.” Allah Pak Does say, “O you who believe! Enter perfectly in Islam (by obeying all the rules and regulations of the Islamic religion) and follow not the footsteps of Satan. Verily! He is to you a plain enemy.” Therefore, every Muslim should perform all their Ramadan, Eid and other ibadah after the instructions of Allah Pak and the guidance of Rasoolullah Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam!

7. Allah Declares that, “And whatsoever Rasulullah Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam gives you, take it, and whatsoever He forbids you, abstain (from it), and fear Allah. Verily, Allah is Severe in punishment.” (Sura Al-Hashr / 7). Hadis Shareef says, “You start Ramadan by sighting the moon and do celebrate Eid also by sighting the moon.”

8. Those who advocate about Ramadan and Eid on the same day all over the world are grossly mistaken. They do not possess the least possible knowledge about geography. It is haram for the women to go the masjid or a field for saying prayers in jamaat. Using a wooden stick during the Khutba of Jumua and Eid is Sunnah. In the name of making Eid a universal festival, there is an anti-Eid sentiment prevailing including an influx of all indecent, shameless and anti-Shariah acts. Whereas out of those especial five nights in a year, the night before the Eid is one and even the day is also full of blessings, prosperity and peace. Therefore it should be the duty and responsibility of every Muslim to make efforts in achieving the satisfaction of Allah and His Habib, Huzur Pak Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam through ibadah and other submissions throughout the night and the day of the Eid.

9. Allah Declares that, “O my Habib! You are being asked about the moon sighting. Please tell them that the moon is the index for setting the time for Hajj (pilgrimage) and other ibadah (worship).” Hadis Shareef says that, “You start the Ramadan by sighting the moon and do the Eid also by sighting the moon.” Quran Shareef and Hadis Shareef both and also the Shariah have the instructions to begin the Arabic months by physically sighting the moon. Saudi grand mufti ultimately accepted and ended up by delivering the fatwa of ‘beginning of Arabic months by watching the moon.’ It would rather be fard-wajib (must do) for the Saudi government to comply with the rules provided in Quaran Shareef and Hadis Shareef and listening to their grand mufti to start an Arabic month by physically sighting the moon. If Saudi government followed the instructions of Hadis Shareef and listened to their grand mufti, then it would never be realistic to find the moon on the 29th of September in Saudi Arabia. There are doubts about the appearance of moon even on the 30th of September. Therefore it would be desired to celebrate the Eid in Saudi Arabia by actually watching the moon. This is where lies the contentment of Allah Pak and His Habib Huzur Pak Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam. And this is rather the right of more than 2400 million Muslims of the world.

10. Allah Does Irshad in Kalamullah Shareef that, “Stick to whatever My Rasool, Nure Muzassam, Habibullah Huzur Pak Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam brought to you and do refrain from whatever He forbade you.” Rasool of the Rasools, the Greatest of the Nabis, Huzur Pak Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam Does Irshad in Hadis Shareef that, “If moon is not sighted on the 29th day, then complete 30 days to make it a month.” Owing to miscalculations, moon for the month of Ramadan was not sighted in Saudi Arabia even on the 30th day. Saudi Arab began the month of Ramadan without physically sighting the moon. If they did, the month of Shabaan would have been completed in 31 days. Saudi Arab should do exclusive Istigfar from doing such shaping of the month as per their sweet will.”

11. There is Irshad in Kalamullah Shareef, "Shab-i-Barat is one such night, when all matters of wisdom are settled in this night." In order to gain blessings and salvation in this great night, one must start the month of Sha'aban by sighting the moon physically, which is Fard-Wajib. But instead, the Saudi Government had started counting the month of Sha'aban without physically sighting the moon. As a result, Muslims of many countries including Saudi Arabia are going to be deprived from the rewards and gifts of this blessed night.